Spa Packages

oriental day spa dublin

Spa Packages at the Oriental Day Spa.

  • Full Body Scrub + Full Body Massage

  • €105 / 110 mins
    Stimulating body brushing is followed by Eve Taylor exfoliating mousse which stimulates circulation
    and encourages cell renewal. Followed by a relaxing full body massage and body moisturiser.

  • Detoxifying Full Body Treatment
  • €115 / 120 mins
    Highly detoxifying by Eve Taylor. Marine salts assist the buffing away of dulling skin cells leaving it
    ready for potent aromatics to be infused into your skin. A highly active seaweed body wrap will
    purge toxins, increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

  • Foot Spa + Hand Spa
  • €50 / 50 mins (foot)
    €30 / 30 mins (hand)
    Enjoy a foot soak in warm water followed by foot and lower legs exfoliation, massage, mask, &
    moisturiser. It is ideal for stimulating inner organ activity and increasing overall energy flow.

  • Foot Spa + Hand Spa + Massage
  • €60 / 60 mins (foot)
    €40 / 40 mins (hand)